Network Auditing and Documentation

Network Consulting

Enterprise IP networks grow organically and change over time. Often times, network documentation does not keep up with the various changes in the network. The aggregated changes in such networks often results in a number of challenges such as:

  • – The network looking vastly (and confusingly) different from its initial planned design
  • – Unknown state, size and scope of the network
  • – Unknown number of devices on the network
  • – A mixture of network device types and models, running varied operating systems with a resultant multiplicity of undocumented and unresolved bugs
  • – Non-deterministic behavior of the network
  • – Dis-contiguous, poorly or totally undocumented IP addressing scheme


OVA Tecnhnologies network audit and documentation service offers the following capabilities to resolve the pain points:

  • – Automated sweep and discovery of every device connected to the network
  • – Automation of diagramming of the network, with creation of auto regenerated Microsoft Visio diagrams of the network
  • – Auto discovery and documentation of network device software versions, known bugs and recommendation of upgrade path
  • – Powerful IP Address Management (IPAM) solution which eliminates the need for Microsoft Excel spreadsheets of IP addresses. This solution can also offer robust DHCP and DNS services to the enterprise as required

Traffic Analysis and Network Troubleshooting
Discovering and understanding traffic patterns, flows and network capacity utilization is often a challenging task for enterprises. The ability to identify traffic flows traversing an enterprise network can be a regulatory and/or compliance requirement in certain instances. Also, during changes to, or outages on the network, a non-understanding of the traffic paths and patterns greatly hampers resolution.

OVA Technologies Traffic analysis and network troubleshooting service offers, amongst others, the following capabilities

  • – Collection, aggregation and analysis of traffic
  • – Visual traffic path analysis
  • – Network capacity planning