Cyber Essential Certification Scheme

The increasing OVA Technologies helps your organisation achieve its Cyber Essentials project, whether you are working on getting certified on the Cyber Essentials Scheme or Cyber Essentials Scheme Plus.
Our team of Cyber security experts will simplify the processes by ensuring all areas within the standard are met to acquire the certification.
OVA Technologies streamline the processes by assessing your infrastructure against the Cyber Essential Scheme standard and provide you with the necessary information and advice to get you certified thereby giving your customers the needed confidence when doing business with you knowing that you are adhering to best cyber practices.

We cover the following key areas in your Cyber Essentials certification project;

  • Internal Security Standard and Procedures – We provide independent assessment of your current security procedure and internal processes and identify what you need to adopt to get certified. We also provide guidance on adopting best practices to ensure your internal network is secured. This includes controls you need to put in place to make your organisation compliant.
  • Infrastructure Evaluation – We evaluate your current IT infrastructure and provide advice on areas of vulnerability thereby ensuring your organisation scale through the certification requirements first time.
  • Vulnerability Scan – We conduct a vulnerability scan of your network to ensure there are no known vulnerabilities present on the internet-facing devices within your organisation.
  • Risk Assessment – OVA Technologies carry out a risk based assessment on your entire organisation’s IT services such as Wi-Fi, Webmail and others.