Managed LAN

OVA Technologies Managed LAN service provides full management of the LAN and WLAN infrastructure at your small branch offices as well as your big campuses and data centers. We provide services over your existing infrastructure or leased equipment from us. Our LAN and WLAN solutions are designed and engineered using market-leading LAN equipment providers. OVA Technologies Managed LAN solutions modularity makes it stand out, you can out-task the entire management of your LAN or a branch of your office. OVA Technologies uses a single comprehensive monitoring and reporting utility so you have visibility of your entire LAN and WLAN.

Key Features:

  • – Lower overall TCO, administrative complexity and management overhead
  • – Increases security, productivity and application uptime/availability
  • – Increase network quality, employee satisfaction

Managed LAN can give you the control you need of all your LANs and WLANs – with little to no initial monetary investment. And, with Managed LAN’s OPEX model, you’ll be able to upgrade your infrastructure at your own pace, under your own control and with few resources. Adding new sites, even on the other side of the world, can be easy and inexpensive.