Network Solutions

Network Architecture

Enterprise networks continue to expand in size and complexity as response to growing business requirements. A thorough understanding of your enterprise network traffic flows and patterns is essential, for regulatory and compliance reasons. OVA technologies offer network audit and documentation services, traffic analysis and troubleshooting.

Enterprise Networks

Enterprise networks continue to experience an ever increasing demand for reliability, security and scalability. The demand to support media rich content without negatively impacting network performance across the enterprise is also rapidly increasing.
OVA technologies team of expert level network architects have several years of experience in (re)designing and supporting very large enterprise networks (several of which span the globe) in several business verticals.
From requirement analysis, to network architecture, deployment and steady state support, OVA technologies offers a compelling proposition in the design and deployment of enterprise networks.

Datacenter Networks

Datacenter networks are the data pathways for mission critical enterprise applications. Such networks must be highly resilient and redundant, providing non-blocking traffic paths. OVA Technologies datacenter expertise includes the architecting and deployment of on-premise, off-premise or hybrid datacenter networks.

Wireless Networks

The proliferation of mobile devices and the resulting Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to the workplace shift has resulted in an ever increasing demand for wireless connectivity.
OVA Technologies has expertise in architecting and deploying secure enterprise grade wireless networks. Leveraging industry best practices, we ensure multi-level traffic isolation, while maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of data in transit.