Security Services

Premise Based Firewall

Perimeter security devices such firewalls are only as good as their configuration and monitoring. Improper firewall rules and/or non-monitoring of firewall events lull organisations into a false sense of security

The Premise Based Firewall Solution from OVA proactively manages and monitor’s a customers premise based firewall solution offering the following benefits, amongst others

  • – Analysis of firewall security event logs for network breach or attack events
  • – Utilises change control in firewall rule changes as and when required
  • – Provides proactive reporting of security events
  • – Reduces total cost of ownership for customer

Secure E-Mail Gateway

Email communication is now the standard way of business communication, with organisations receiving thousands of email messages. Ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of email communication consumes business resources.

  • OVA’s Secure E-mail Gateway solution provides a number of functions
  • – Protect your company from inbound threats delivered through inbound emails
  • – Maintain availability of email services
  • – Provide secure email communication via encryption services as and when needed
  • – Employs multi-layered filters to stop spam, malware, phising, ransomeware and such attacks.

Endpoint Protect

The traditional business PC and Laptop have given way to mobile, always connected devices. Proliferation of different endpoint devices within businesses creates a challenge for many I.T departments in securing such devices.

Endpoint security from OVA provides Antivirus, Intrusion Prevention, Antimalware and Mobile device management for different types devices within the enterprise

Cybershield – Enhanced Cybersecurity

The increasing complexity of the I.T security for business makes a holistic management of business wide security a daunting task. OVA’s CyberShield is a collection of security services covering network perimeter, end point/host, mobile, email and data security, all managed from a single pane.

  • Cybershield covers the following:
  • – Firewalls
  • – Intrusion prevention/detection
  • – Secure email
  • – Web content filtering
  • – Security Incident and Event Management

Cybershield bring several disparate solutions under one window, thereby reducing the TCO for clients that would otherwise have to manage multiple platforms.